M25 Sphere Inductive Loop Fault Repair

Project Overview

Client Connect Plus M25
Form of Contract NEC3
Contract Period On-going

General Project Information

ERH manages the maintenance of an increasing amount of technology infrastructure on behalf of Connect Plus M25 DBFO Ltd.

We have seconded key staff to integrate and work within the Connect Plus management team undertaking the management of the maintenance and faults on behalf of our client.

We provide a one-stop-shop for all works in connection with the inductive loops. Diagnosing the fault, organising the traffic management, undertaking slot cutting, civil engineering and reconnection works utilising our in-house expertise thus eliminating the need for the client to co-ordinate multiple contractors.

Use of in-house I.T. communication tools allows timely and accurate updating of progress, fault data and completion. This information is available to allow fast requests for network access and completion within the tight contract delivery timescale.

Providing Added Value

Increased Asset Availability:

 Performance Driven Contract:

 Reduced Costs through:

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