Road safety improvements – Cypress Drive


Following a number of road casualties along this section of highway (18 slight, 1 serious over a 3-year period), this scheme was developed to improve safety on the roads as part of the Welsh Government’s Local Road Safety Grant Initiative. In order to reduce the number of casualties along this section of highway, a scheme was designed to make it easier and safer for cyclists and pedestrians to cross the road, reduce traffic speeds in the vicinity and on the approach to the roundabout and slow the actual roundabout down to improve safety.


The scheme included the provision of speed tables / ramps, speed limit changes and footway widening. ERH carried out the following works:


The project had its challenges, however we worked with the City of Cardiff Council to resolve these and complete the scheme successfully. The speed tables/ramps help to maintain lower vehicle speeds at the roundabout & we widened the footway & installed modern crossing points to assist pedestrians, cyclists and other users. We also installed signage to advise of speed limit changes.

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