Water culvert renewal

ERH was awarded a contract to renew a water culvert (a structure that allows water to flow from one side of the road to the other). In order to maintain the integrity and functionality of the structure, and to minimise future repair and maintenance costs, a survey had identified the need for remedial works & repairs.


The project comprised of the taking down of a boundary retaining wall, excavation of a masonry box culvert, installation of two brick chambers, installation of a Weholite pipe and grouted surround and the rebuilding of a concrete block retaining wall including ancillary works. The project also included:

In addition, we had to communicate with the local quarry to shut down their over flow pumps to the quarry. One of our team did this every day with an isolated lock-out in place whilst the new pipes were installed.


Works were completed to a high standard and in a timely manner. The client praised our on-site team for being both approachable and professional throughout the works. He also said he would ‚Äúdefinitely recommend this team to other clients and look forward to working with them in the future.”

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